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How about a Staycation

"How about a Staycation?", is a question that I mention to sooo many clients when they say I need a vacation, but can't get away right now. What is a "Staycation"? Great question! A staycation can be as nice as staying at home, near home, or in your

state. That's right, vacation at or near home. I've been a travel advisor for 22 years and sometimes, people only have time within their busy lives to vacation at or near home.

Living in a Metropolitan city like Atlanta, Georgia; you would think people had seen and done it all. So many museums, amusement parks, national sites, great foodie options, theater, and more at your fingertips; but so many local people have never seen or experienced it. People are broken, stressed, depressed, and perplexed... by the statement that "I need to just get away". "My spouse and I or my kids and I just need to get away". Then the excuses come....I don't have the money... I don't have the time...My car is not working...etc. Couples are overextending their marriages. Kids watch other kids who can travel with their parents do fun things, but they don't get to have the same opportunity.

Let Godmother's House give you a bit of advice. If you don't have the money, start with something small. Staycation weekend... find some free events or low-cost events in town, and plan your staycation. If you need more personal ideas that will make you feel like you have traveled far away, of course, reach out to me your favorite travel advisor and I will tell you how to travel at home. I can even help you come up with a plan to save for that dream trip, Godmother's House coaching is always here to help. You can rekindle the joy that you have dreamed about and have a fantabulous at-home-themed staycation. Secondly, many hidden gems may be in your state that you could take a day trip to go to. From spa retreats to foodie could have the time of your life. Save money on gas, planes, trains, and automobiles if you don't have the time and staycate at home. Your retreat is just a step away! Even if you have a busy work schedule...imagine getting off of work and meeting your family at a local hotel, taking a dip in the pool or jacuzzi, getting the spa services, and having a nice dinner at the lavish restaurant. Just that alone can be all the doctor ordered for your peace of mind, rest, and relaxation.

Vacations are exquisite, but Staycations are explicit! Take my advice, a Staycation can be as luxurious as any vacation or as simple as any wonderful day at the park.

Contact your favorite Godmother if you need more information on How to enjoy a Staycation!


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