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Weaned in the quarantine.

Today’s stories retold:

Helpless mom: Sitting here staring out of a window in the middle of a once filled busy city, holding a child that can get up and walk across the room wondering how I can make this infiltration of endless nursing end. However, the child screams, cries, and will not take nourishment from any other source. What should I do? It is bad enough that I must sit here and worry about a virus that is causing so many people to be sick and some to even die. However, I feel quarantined in my quarantine abode. As the tears run down my eyes, as I confine myself to this little chair of a boring little, hopeless life; time is passing by and no one can go anywhere, nor can I do anything. What do I do?

Helpless couple: Sitting here staring at a television screen full of life in a day and time that cries out “Live or Let life pass by”, watching taunting romantic gestures of couples and families living life to their fullest as I sit here and my spouse sits on the other side of the room without two words to say. I notice the tears that trickles down their face as their heart screams hopeless like mine, but I do not know what to do. I am quarantined in my own quarantined house with my suppose to be “love of my life” and the love is quarantined as well. What do I do?

Helpless tweenager: Sitting here staring at toys that I don’t want to play with, games that are getting boring, and a cellphone that is even getting to be just a daily bore; as I see other kids on television living life. I cannot hang out with my friends, but they cannot hang out with anyone either. I cannot talk to my mom because I would really want to say that I miss my daddy, but he needed to leave us because he was treating us bad. I am stuck in my room and I feel alone. What do I do?

Godmother’s Response

Dear Hopeful Individuals:

1 Peter 5:10 (KJV)

10 But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you.

I chose these three stories because they simulate each other in a manner that needs to deter a common behavior. First, we are all being quarantined during this difficult time that calls for much prayer and a strong mind. By the grace of God, we are enduring this challenging time. We are all witnesses to life as it continues to skate by, but we have no control over the fast pace that it is carrying on. I want to ask you three, to look at life in another way. Everyday is like a gift that is precious and a new opportunity to receive a bursting reward of something new to explore. During the quarantine, find some time to wean yourself from those things that are hindering you from growing in Christ! Pray more! Trust in God, the quarantine will not last forever! You do not want to be in the same place when we all come out of this! Come out stronger! Come out more established! Allow God to saturate your spirit and guide you to your spiritual benchmark! Like a baby, leave the milk alone; it is time for nourishment! Be weaned in the quarantine!

To the “Hopeful Mom": Do not look at the child and the process of weaning the child as a curse but look at it as a blessing in the process. You have given that child nourishment and antibodies to endure a lot of the illness that this life will throw at them. However, look at it as a chance for you to become weaned of the negative outlook on life and the hopeless feelings that you are expressing. This is a time for you to take charge of the situation and offer the child other things for self-fulfillment and nourishment as it appears the child is now old enough to become weaned. During this process, write down your little goals; compare them to your daily life and how you overcome other struggles. Do you sit down and cry like a child being weaned wanting to hold on to that chair of comfort or do you get up and walk into the gifts that you have. This is a time to find new skills, new areas of enjoyment. Pray and trust God more, as He completes you and establishes you! Your new strength will settle you as a mother and you will notice that you and your baby will become weaned over time from the daily milk of life to fulness of joy. Enjoy your new walk with God, you deserve it and your baby does too!

To the “Hopeful Couple”: First, television is what I would call “Tell the Vision”. It paints a picture of what it wants to dictate to our lives and plants seeds of impaired comparisons. Then, the seeds of projection replays in our minds as a continuation of how the “old tube” tells us to handle our marriages, parenting, relationships, decorating, education, and other aspects of life. Today is the day to take back your marriage; wean yourself from the continuous book of failed marriages. This “spilled milk” cycle causes a sour relationship in your home that just causes you to grip to the fantasies that the “Big Screen” depicts. Life can not pass you by if you stop and create your own narrative story. Turn off the tv, talk about the good things with your spouse. Focus on the love and affection that you have for each other. I know; bodies change, people change, hair thins, life happens, but make the most of it. Go to a park and walk together, exercise together, cook together, write love stories, to spousie-photos, etc. Build your own romantic story; order some just because flowers or a gift for your spouse. Wean yourself from the old milk bottle, it is time to grow up, grow together – eat the good meat of life. You will find it to be very fulfilling!

To the “Hopeful Child”: Dear child, precious child – you are such a blessing in life. To think that you can make a difference in the world one day, is a gift to all who will ever know you. Just like you once thought those toys were special and you were excited to get them. I am excited about your future. The games and the cellphone are getting boring because you were made for so much more. You were made to create life in those around you. When you were born, you brought joy to someone that looked at you like the special gift that you are. Talk to your mom about how special she is in your life and tell her how much you appreciate her. Ask her if you can pray with her for your daddy, even if he may not be in your life at this time, you can ask God to help him be a better man. When you are praying for your family and putting smiles on your mother’s face, that makes you special. If the time comes for you to see your daddy again on a visit, let him know that you still love him, and you pray for him. You and your mom are going to be okay, if you let God grow you to be the strong person that He created you to be. Learn to do some handy skills around the house to help your mom and then you will not get bored and you will be even more exceptional in her eyes. You are growing up and reaching out was a great thing to do. Learn to talk to God for yourself and read your word, one verse at a time. You will see that you are not alone, and you will find joy in Jesus! Do not just stay in your room, but let God make room in your life to continue to show your mom and your friends what a “Winner” you are! You are not alone! I am praying for you, young warrior!

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